Boracay Island is the “poster child” of the need for Grid tied -IVO battery-solar. Electric bills here can be so high that addressing the daytime electric requirements can require most or all of the available roof space. As the sun rises, electricity for the entire property can be generated by grid tied IVO battery-no moving parts.


Do it once- Do it right, Boracay Business, Client Satisfaction, Opened Full Time, Provide Full time Support Staff, 10 years service and support warranty, Only Top Quality Products “Tier one” panels only. Top grade Inverters. German, Austrian made (3 phase) Surge Protection Devices. Both AC and DC for power surges (utility for lighting). World’s Best Fastening system. Engineered for 310km/hour wind. Marine grade Aluminum. (Will hold your roof from typhoon strength wind). Boracay principles


A successful business requires committed and experienced “businessmen”.

True “business” rely on word of mouth and reputation to be successful. Not ‘Hype” or flashy websites/marketing. It’s a career not a job.

Money follows a proper approach to client satisfaction. Profits come last, not first.

Our staff on Boracay have been incorporated based on their reputation and trusted relationship on Boracay. Meet the partners.

Edgardo “Dennis” Molina

Hello , I’m Dennis Molina, I live on Boracay island and have for more than 8 years. You may recognize me from me from my successful signage company “Inside Boracay Advertising” I have always been attached to the Idea of “Free” electricity from the sun. Many solar companies have solicited my involvement. As a successful businessman, I am always wary of those who don’t have the “long view” in the wind.

The “Hit and run”, “cash and dash” mentality. So as much as I was attracted to solar, I didn’t trust anyone. I’m happy and proud to say. I’ve finally found the company and people who think like me. Clients first- profits last.

I’m happy to be part of V.S.S.
Here in Boracay Branch Office.
V.S.S. insisted on a Physical presence full time “On the Island”.
I look forward to meeting you in our office on the Mainstreet Station Two.

Ted Ta Construction

I live in Aklan and commute to Boracay almost daily. My responsibilities are many and diverse. Perhaps my specialty is oversight and quality control for several Boracay “Hotel” properties. Hotel/resort owners and managers need someone they trust to manage all the million projects and contractors they require. These Corporations trust me to look after their best interest.

I am very happy to be working with and partnering with Visayan Solar Services. Ipersonally spent 4 days inspecting workmanship, solar installations meeting existing clients, and basically going to a “Solar electric Immersion Class”. The professor??

Jeff Davis “The Solar guy”

Jeff’s “Do it Once, Do it Right” philosophy is common sense to me. 30 years of Solar Contracting requires common sense to be successful. I’m here with Visayan Solar Services to do what I do best. Oversight and quality control. I'm happy to be aboard.