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Proven Expertise

"My career in solar spans 28 years", mostly in Hawaii which has so many similarities to the Philippines. One of my trusted electrical engineers and partner, Augusto Tebio is a master electrical engineer and a man I can trust. He was the first to install a large-scale solar project in Foundation University years ago consisting of 160 solar panels, (we finieshed up with over 1000 more panels). There is a right way and a wrong way to install solar electric. Augusto knows the right way and will promptly stop any wrong or half-way measures of an installation. Substandard work only creates a bad work environment and can only hurt the finished product. That’s why we partner so well – we both understand this basic tenet of contracting.

"Solar electric is here to stay. Solar is now competitive with coal. Solar will be part of the future generations for all the right reasons."

~ Jeff Davis, "The Solar Guy"

Our Team

jeff davis

Jeff Davis

The Solar Guy

Jeff has moved to Negros from Hawaii where over 25 years in the solar industry. "SOLAR IS MY LIFE'S WORK" says the Solar Guy Jeff Davis. Education is a close second. He is currently hosting a Visayan radio show "KAPIHAN" every Friday 4-5 pm on 93.7 ENERGY FM. Topics include education, tourism, energy, and environment. "The solar electric future of the Philippines is about to explode! I've seen how that happened in Hawaii and the timing is perfect for the Philippines! "Imagine... Protecting the environment while making a guaranteed investment with a 30% return PER YEAR over the lifetime of the system. "The Solar Guy."

augusto tebio

Augusto Tebio

The Electrical Engineer

"I saw the potential for solar roof top production and knew immediately that I would be on the cutting edge of this expanding industry. As an electrical engineer, I always love a challenge. In this case, my entire career has led me to this moment. "Working with Jeff was just what I was hoping for. His knowledge of equipment and application of installation is a perfect match to my background. Jeff understands the basics, safety, reliability, roof penetration and waterproofing!

ailyn magalso cabag

Ailyn Magalso Cabag


“I’ve always been business minded. As a child, my first chicken food cart in Sta. Catalina was just an inkling of my drive, ambition, and potential” says Ailyn. Ailyn is the perfect Office Manager and Financial Officer. “Cross the t's and dot the i's and, most important, keep the clients informed and happy. “I love what I do” says Ailyn. Without her commitment and drive, it wouldn’t be as fun and rewarding. She earns respect from all quarters – employees, install crews, electricians, but most of all, the clients.